It’s been quite a while since the start of my first ever Summer break in Hong Kong, life has never been this good so far~! So much free time for myself, although I’m working in an advertising agency as an intern. This summer has been filled with so much music too~

I’ve seen Kenan performed here in Hong Kong as per my previous post, I attended the Hong Kong’s electone festivals. For the past 2 Saturdays I even attend live band gig events~! My first experiences of these in HK, quite awesome I would say =D

For last week 4/8/12 @ Fringe Club I went to this event called Goodnight Moon live party, bands that performed:

Trail :
Band Band :
G La G La 帝國 :
A Roller Control :
Atomic Bubbles :

I enjoyed really much, it’s my first time seeing live bands since I lived in Hong Kong for almost 1 year. Trail have a great vocalist~ songs are good too. Band Band are always so good to make the whole party practically go crazy and start having fun =D Love them!! G La G La kinda alternative for me but non of the less, is cool~ have some new idea for their performance, I heard someone that was nearby where I was standing actually said they’re really good~ I didn’t get to catch Atomic Bubbles as I’m always need to be in time to catch the MTR and my friend too, to catch the bus to go home~

Ha, my favorite band in this one is A Roller Control, their style is disco electro or disco punk, dance music from the 80s, perhaps is because of that, as someone that was born in the 80s, I love this kinda songs too, simple and just gets you moving with it =D They do not have a proper album yet I think, I wish they do, I really love some of their songs, especially Story Of The Fly, Sandmann and Waiting~ I love Sandmann’s tune a lot!!! LUV!! But I don’t understand what’s the song is about….is in German…. T_T

Members of the band are :
Alok (bass)
Steve (AKA Nerve mixing / keys)
Nadim (vocals / keys / guitar)
Sebastian (drums / vocals)

Before I share you some of their photos from the event that I found from Facebook credits to Vic Shing of Music Surveillance here’s an interview of A Roller Control and some of their songs from Youtube.

Ok over to some photos of ARC from the event ^_^

Photos credits to Vic Shing of Music Surveillance

And the 2nd event that I just attend yesterday was The Yours’s album release party

Frankly I’m not very familiar with this band, but someone I know from A Roller Control was once a member in The Yours, and I come across the release party from the Goodnight Moon live party, they gave out the pamplets of the album release party, so there I go, I went with a friend (she left pretty soon) so I was alone for quite a long time~ but it was really enjoyable anyway =) Their songs are nice, I’m currently very addicted to Over.

Here are the MV of Over

Demo songs of the album :

I’m starting to want to know more about local bands =D Loving them!!

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