Kenan's in Hong Kong!

    I just came back from Harbour City just now. Reason? I was there to watch Kenan's performance =) He's here as guest performer for Electone Festivals tomorrow.

    To those who's not sure who Kenan is, his full name is Kenan Loui Widjaja, from Indonesia. He was the winner of Yamaha Electone Concours and Asia Pacific Electone Festivals in 2008.
    He also performed with his group of friends call Young Boys in Idonesia Got Talent.

    It's been so long I have last seen any electone performances since I came here. It was great and nice meeting Kenan, he's such a nice guy =)

    Will update some videos soon~!

    For now, enjoy some photos of him and Stagea~ =D


    Songs songs songsss =P

    I have been learning electone for 3 years+++
    I guess I have very much improved in the sense of playing especially my pedalling skills.
    Now my left leg is even more lively then my right leg, it was the other way round years ago~
    Thanks to pedal training, haha!

    Let see, since last year, I have managed to play a few harder songs, although they're not perfectly played but I'm still happy I manage to play them!
    Years ago I would say those songs are just unplayable for me =P

    Some songs list :
    1. I've been working on the railroad (orchestra version) - Grade 6
    2. Back To Future - Grade 6
    3. Alvamar Overture - Grade 6
    3. Voyager - Grade 5 *prouds*

    Now I am thinking to get my hand on that 50th Year Anniversary electone theme song! Someday My Prince Will Come. But it look soooooooo hard, I took 6 months to learn Ayura last time when I first started, this one...about so? >.<""


    Experience the electone

    If there's someone interested to learn electone but not so sure how does it feel to learn or play, here's some videos I found on youtube, is in Japanese language though. An trial/experience lesson for electone =)

    The song is Dancing Queen

    Part 1

    Part 2 : Pedal

    Part 3 : Full

    Electone is a really interesting and versatile to play~
    It brought a lot of happiness and love towards music for me and many people.


    Asia-Pacific Yamaha Electone Festival 2011 (APYEF)

    This year APEF will be held in Singapore =D

    It'll be held at the University Cultural Centre of NUS on the 17th Sep 2011 (Sat), 3.30pm.

    The price of the tickets will be SGD20 & SGD30 (w.GST)
    It'll be sold through SISTIC outlets somewhere during this month.
    Do keep an eye on it!

    So, anyone going?


    Something about AYAKI

    Recently I have found some videos of AYAKI, including an short of like interview/documentary about him, too bad it's in Japanese, not sure what's it talking about.

    And then some of his performance videos

    The Deep Time on the Seaside


    Time of Destiny

    Onze Fitas&Agora Ta


    More of his videos can been seen in this youtube channel


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