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I’ve always want to try horse riding as I love horses!

A year ago, I found out that Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) offers individuals with disability riding lesson with hippotherapy purposes.  Through these riding activities, it builds self-confidence, improves concentration and self-discipline. It also help riders to improve their balance and strengthen their muscles and bodies.

I have been offered an independent horse riding course by RDA Hong Kong this Autumn. After I got some documents approved by doctors, I started my riding lessons at Pok Fu Lam Public Riding School. Never in my life I could imagine I can have a chance to learn to ride a horse! I was so excited yet nervous!

I was assigned to ride Rosie at the first lesson, she’s a beautiful girl~ Unfortunately, lovely people at RDA found that my thigh are too tight, Rosie might be a little too wide for me. So the next week, they introduced Flynn to me, a gracious gentle-horse!

Flynn is fitter and less wide comparing to Rosie so I won’t need to stretch my legs too much while riding, but at the same time, I need to pay attention on maintaining my balance more.

Every week first thing when I get there, I will change my shoes into riding boot~ and be reading to be “mount” onto Flynn. As we are special riders, we normally get onto horse through a elevated ramp. For me they will carry me onto Flynn. Here’s a short video how they did a “back mount”. Lovely people at RDA always make sure we are okay, although I do think I can get onto the horse myself. Super lovely people!

After that, we’ll start off with some warm up~

iders are always accompanied with leaders and trainers. We also have physio and other volunteers around. The atmosphere is always  so cheerful and fun!

Look at Mr Flynn, last week he was a lil sleepy, [pats him]



Some pictures of the paddock at PFL Riding school~!
Will intro more about the programme soon!

All photo credits to Angel Yap!


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