I have been learning electone for 3 years+++
I guess I have very much improved in the sense of playing especially my pedalling skills.
Now my left leg is even more lively then my right leg, it was the other way round years ago~
Thanks to pedal training, haha!

Let see, since last year, I have managed to play a few harder songs, although they’re not perfectly played but I’m still happy I manage to play them!
Years ago I would say those songs are just unplayable for me =P

Some songs list :
1. I’ve been working on the railroad (orchestra version) – Grade 6
2. Back To Future – Grade 6
3. Alvamar Overture – Grade 6
3. Voyager – Grade 5 *prouds*

Now I am thinking to get my hand on that 50th Year Anniversary electone theme song! Someday My Prince Will Come. But it look soooooooo hard, I took 6 months to learn Ayura last time when I first started, this one…about so? >.<""

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